Sportsmanship & Medical Waivers

Effective 6/21/10, all registration forms will include the following statements. Both are required to be signed by a parent/legal guardian for each player for every sport they participate in.

The child will not be allowed to play until both are signed.

Sportsmanship is critical to the success of all DCAA programs. This is true of players, coaches, parents and spectators at every game, practice or other sporting event. Any issues with coaches should be addressed privately and in a respectful manner at an agreed upon time and place away from the game field/floor. Referees/Umpires should not be yelled at or taunted. Above all, it is essential that we be positive role models and set the best examples possible for the young ones we influence. Failure to adhere to these principals of conduct may result in expulsion from an event and continued violations could result in the dismissal of the child from the team. In signing below, I and my student-athlete understand and agree to the above-stated sportsmanship guidelines. We will make every effort to represent DCAA and its programs in the most positive ways.

In the event of injury, I understand treatment will be initiated for my child named above as soon as possible. I also understand the DCAA does not carry medical or liability insurance to cover the cost of any treatment. In signing below, I give permission for any medical attention necessary to be administered to my child under the direction of a coach and/or officer of the DCAA until I can be contacted and accept financial responsibility in the event that emergency personnel is called on behalf of my child. I hereby release the DCAA, its coaches, commissioners, officers and volunteers from any and all liability for personal injury or property damage resulting from my son/daughter participating in this program.